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Pregnancy Yoga

Tara teaches a gentle yet dynamic form of pregnancy yoga. Her class aims to promote vitality during the pregnancy and to prepare the mother for birth. Strengthening postures build stamina for the labour, and yoga stretches create space within the body for the growing baby helping the mother feel more comfortable.

The classes focus on preventing and dealing with common pregnancy related ailments such as heartburn, sciatica and S.P.D (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction), and usually involve partner work including massage techniques (which can be used before and during labour).

The classes also provide a support group and network for pregnant women during this wonderful and exciting time.

Tara Lee - Pregnancy Yoga

New Pregnancy Yoga Class:

  • Wednesdays: Westborne Grove Church (Notting Hill)
    Book 5 classes for £65 and save £10

classes are held on:

  • Mondays at 12.45pm - 2pm at The Life Centre (Notting Hill)
Tara Lee - Pregnancy Yoga