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Mummy & Baby Yoga

Tara's Mother and Baby Yoga classes aim to provide continuity so that women can continue to practice safe yoga postnatally while bonding with their baby.

The classes use a dynamic yoga form to aid recovery and rebuild the mother's strength after the birth of her baby. The focus is on core strengthening exercises (lower back and abdomen) and chest and shoulder opening postures (to help relieve the tightness associated with breast-feeding or carrying babies).

Techniques for carrying the babies and lifting the babies from the floor are shown. The classes have a relaxed atmosphere and the babies start to get used to being around other babies. It provides mothers with quality time to focus on and be with their baby. One of the added benefits is that the babies sleep very well afterwards!

Tara Lee - Pregnancy Yoga

classes are held on:

  • Mondays at 11am - 12.15pm at the Life Centre (Notting Hill)
Tara Lee - Mother and Baby Yoga