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Dynamic Yoga

Tara teaches a dynamic form of vinyasa yoga with influences from her Ashtanga, Sivananda and Para Yoga (Rod Stryker) background. She uses a flowing sequence of carefully balanced poses.

Her classes synchronize the movement of the body through asana with the rhythm of the breath to energize the body and focus the mind.

This style of yoga is physically challenging and will improve fitness and strength. The aim is to create a balance of strength and flexibility, working on the alignment of the body using the bandhas (energetic locks), pranayama (breath), mudras, mantras and visualisation.

Practicing in this way will leave you feeling clearer, more spacious and free from tension in your body and mind.

Modifications of the poses are introduced for beginners or people with injuries and the yoga is practiced with internal awareness so as to avoid injury.

Tara Lee - Dynamic Yoga

classes are held on:

  • Tuesdays at 1pm - 2.15pm at the Life Centre (Notting Hill)
Tara Lee - Dynamic Yoga